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HOYA makes the most advanced eyeglass lenses on earth.

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Be Safe Driving at Night

Glare from headlights while driving at night are a dangerous distraction. Our pupils have difficulty adjusting quickly from on-coming traffic and back to total darkness. These conditions are compounded by heavy traffic, rain, snow and signage that reflect light. On top of that newer headlights are brighter and there’s the people who forget to turn off their brights … you know who you are!

The right eye glasses can be an additional safety device in our cars. By adding a premium anti reflective treatment to you lenses we can nearly eliminate glare that will make adjusting to rapidly varying conditions easier and provide you with much improved overall visibility.

Guide you through the process

Starting with an eye-exam to ensure the correct prescription.

Blutech Lenses

The Lens for Life

Most technologically advanced blue light blocking lenses you can get, they offer the ultimate in visual performance & protection against harmful blue light.

Kids At Risk

Dr. Thomas Gosling explains why children are most at risk to experience the negative effects of blue light — short arms, low levels of natural defenses (ocular lens pigment), hold devices close to their faces, 7+ hours per day of screen time. This is a quick cut from “Let’s Talk Eyes” hosted by Professor Murray.

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